Icebreaker LS Commute Zip Thru

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Today, at a birthday party, a friend of mine joked that all the women were wearing boots because the temperature’s finally dropped below 65F degrees. I live in a pretty temperate climate, with 70F being the norm around here. However, we do get our cold spouts and around this time of year, I start turning to my favorite fabric to keep me warm. Icebreaker, the New Zealand company obsessed with wool, has not been in the cycling game long. At first, they limited themselves to the running and hiking crowds. I suppose I never wondered why they never made cycling apparel. After all, it’s all Lyrca these days and the only mention of wool is the nostalgic kind reminiscing of scratchy jersies long past. So, imagine everyone’s surprise when Icebreaker’s Circuit and Cadence series came out and they proved once again that wool does work on a bike.

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Giro LX Gloves



When I ride, I always need two things – sunglasses and gloves. I don’t care if it’s a two hour training ride or a two mile commute to work. I hate the wind in my eyes and I like my hands covered when I grip the handlebars. Due to these requirements, I end up with many pairs of both.

I recently purchased a new commuter bike which couldn’t be further from my Look, which is dominated by a white, black, and red color scheme. The new bike is much more classy, with a dark blue paint job and honey brown leather accents. I wanted a glove that said “drive in the country” rather than “speeding down the Autobahn.” Naturally, I turned to Rapha. They didn’t disappoint. The Grand Tour gloves, with the perforated leather and sheep leather really stood out.  However, I couldn’t justify the price. Next, I read about the Dromarti La Grande Mitts. These were called the Rolls-Royce of gloves by Outside Magazine. I read somewhere that they and the Rapha’s were made in the same factory. The brown and white leather was a perfect match for my bike, but again, the price.

I was stoked to learn about the Giro LX. It’s nearly summer here so I wanted a pair of the fingerless gloves, but originally I came across the LX’s because of a few discussions of the long-fingered version. Velodramatic called it the “Best Long Fingered Cycling Glove, Period.” I figured the short fingered version was probably great as well.  So, I ordered two pairs from Competitive Cyclist. I got the brown version for my commuter and a white pair for my road bike. White bike accessories rock!

The gloves are a dream. They have the classic Italian look and feel but with modern day features. They are made to fit tight initially so for me that meant ordering a small. It’s a snug fit and you definitely need to get a firm grip on that pull tab to get it on snug. Then you’ll do some finagling to get the bottom velcro strap straight and level while you align the top to secure it. The more you wear the gloves, the more they conform to your hand and I can attest that just after a few weeks, my gloves have loosened up nicely. The grip area is filled with 3M Technogel pads to distribute pressure and assure comfort on the bars. It’s made of Pittards leather which is sheepskin. Sound familiar?

At $65 the gloves aren’t cheap but at the rate I use them, they’ll last me years. I like being comfortable on my rides, and yes, stylish. And even though I haven’t taken a fall yet, I know that I won’t have scraped hands with the Giro LX’s protecting me.  If you are looking for a pair of gloves, I would highly recommend them!


  • Classic styling
  • Padded palms
  • Pittards leather


  • Pricey
  • Snug fit might be troublesome for those with large hands
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