Elsewhere | Topo Designs Daypack


I did a month-long review of the daypack offering from Topo Designs. I had such a great time using the bag as my daily carry to and from work. It really is a perfect intersection of functionality, design, and price. The guys at Topo Designs, based in Colorado, are really nice. Simply put, they are the kind of small business owners this country needs. Go check out my detailed Road Test.

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Elsewhere | WILL Leather Hopper


You might not have heard of WILL Leather Goods but you should know about them. Started by Bill Adler, an actor in the 1980’s, they’ve been operating out of Eugene, OR for 30 years now. Check out my review of their messenger bag, the Hopper, and see why I think it’d be the perfect carry piece for a young professional.

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Elsewhere | Cumulus Inc.

Cumulus Inc. interior

Probably not gear, per se, but hey, it’s another passion of mine – food. Check out my write-up for one of Melbourne’s hottest brunch joints.

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Elsewhere | Osprey Momentum 26


A few weeks ago, the kind folks at Osprey sent me their commuter backpack, the Momentum 26 to test. I have been putting it through the paces, taking to and from work on my bike and to the local shopping center for some Costco and farmer’s market action. The thing has little secrets hidden all over; things that make you smile when you discover them.

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Elsewhere | WILL Leather Goods

I just posted up a brand spotlight on WILL Leather Goods, a company based in Portland, OR with some Hollywood ties. Check out their cool bags and leather accessories.

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