Nau + Snow Peak Motil Kit


If you’re anything like me, you are bookmarking every holiday gift idea and guide that comes across your RSS reader. I was tipped off to this awesome collaboration between two of my favorite brands and I wanted to share it with you. Nau and Snow Peak have teamed up to create a package for the on-the-go traveler who also isn’t too keen on disposable cutlery and dinnerware. I think it’d be perfect for a student or professional that packs their own lunch.

The set contains  the Nau Motil Pedal bag, Nau branded Snow Peak sport, chopsticks and a large cup. It’s limited to just 50 sets and retails for $180, saving you $50 when you buy the kit. It’s available on the Nau site starting today, December 5th.

Seagull Bags


A few years ago, the fixed-gear/single-speed world really took off. At that time, there were only a handful of messenger bag manufacturers and nearly all of them were of the professional, respected, established types. By that, I mean the likes of Chrome and BaileyWorks; companies that ran like true businesses with legitimate websites and shopping cart checkout. However, there was a burgeoning group of craftspeople armed with fabric and vintage sewing machines who started a cottage industry all their own. One of these companies was Seagull Bags, based out of Columbus, OH.

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Elsewhere | WILL Leather Hopper


You might not have heard of WILL Leather Goods but you should know about them. Started by Bill Adler, an actor in the 1980’s, they’ve been operating out of Eugene, OR for 30 years now. Check out my review of their messenger bag, the Hopper, and see why I think it’d be the perfect carry piece for a young professional.

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