Icebreaker LS Commute Zip Thru

m fw11 gtcm260 ls commute zip thru ib4b59001 front WEB

Today, at a birthday party, a friend of mine joked that all the women were wearing boots because the temperature’s finally dropped below 65F degrees. I live in a pretty temperate climate, with 70F being the norm around here. However, we do get our cold spouts and around this time of year, I start turning to my favorite fabric to keep me warm. Icebreaker, the New Zealand company obsessed with wool, has not been in the cycling game long. At first, they limited themselves to the running and hiking crowds. I suppose I never wondered why they never made cycling apparel. After all, it’s all Lyrca these days and the only mention of wool is the nostalgic kind reminiscing of scratchy jersies long past. So, imagine everyone’s surprise when Icebreaker’s Circuit and Cadence series came out and they proved once again that wool does work on a bike.

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Patagonia Nine Trails


I am admittedly a Patagonia whore. Actually, I am a technical clothing whore and Patagonia happens to be one of my favorite companies. I have at least a dozen items from them and half of them still have tags on them. I can’t remember when I bought the Nine Trails jacket but I definitely know it’s not from this season. So why did I take it out and start using it?

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