Snow Peak Titanium 350 Kanpai Bottle


Snow Peak was founded in 1958 when mountaineer Yukio Yamai started producing gear out of frustration for what was currently available on the market. They recently sent me their latest product, a double-walled insulated container. Before we go on, please note the third word in the post title. That’s right – titanium. You and I both know what that means; incredible strength, lightweight, and also expensive. Let’s move on.

When you think of double-walled insulated containers, the first thing you think of is Thermos. Basically, when you have two walls and a vacuum in the space between them, you have excellent thermal retention. What makes the Kanpai bottle unique is the three lids.  The tumbler lid allows you to sip liquids when you’re on the go. The thermal lid keeps your coffee or tea hot.

What’s really cool is the cool lid. It has a gel pack inside which you prepare by freezing for 24 hours. Then you take a regular can of soda and slide it inside the bottle upside-down. Then carefully screw on the cool lid on top. The bottom of the lid has a bulge which fits perfectly in the contoured bottom of a soda can. The lids are visually coded so you know which to use for what.

To see how well it performed, I set up a test. I picked two identical cans of soda from my fridge. Then using a laser thermometer, I measured the cans at one hour intervals to see how their temperatures changed. The ambient temperature of the room was 75 F

Time Kanpai Bottle Naked Can
Start 62.5 F 62.5 F
1 Hour 56 F 68 F
2 Hours 56.5 F 72 F
3 Hours 60 F 75 F
12 Hours 67 F 78.5 F



As you can see, the temperature of the can actually cools down initially while in the Kanpai bottle because of the gel pack. While it starts rising in temperature, it still lags behind the naked can. Even half a day later, the can inside the Kanpai bottle is still quite cool. To be clear, this is not a scientific test. I measured only the outside of the can, not the liquid inside. It does show that the cool lid does work, though. I plan on testing the hot lid and tumbler lid at a later time but I suspect they work as expected.

The Kanpai bottle is offered in two variations, as is the case with many Snow Peak products. I recognize Snow Peak because of their use of titanium in high-end camping equipment. In this case, the titanium version saves you 4.3 oz over the stainless steel version but at a price premium.  We all know that outdoor equipment performs similarly once you reach a certain level and after that the differences are mostly due to weight. If you are already sporting lightweight equipment and want to keep your load-out as a minimum, definitely consider the Titanium 350 Kanpai Bottle.


  • Lightweight
  • Rubber seals are replaceable on all the lids
  • Nifty cool lid does a great job keeping soda cans cold


  • With a soda inside, the cool lid is difficult to remove. There is little surface area to get a firm grip and it feels like the lid and soda can sort of fuse together.

Check out the full gallery on Flickr below.