Patagonia Nine Trails


I am admittedly a Patagonia whore. Actually, I am a technical clothing whore and Patagonia happens to be one of my favorite companies. I have at least a dozen items from them and half of them still have tags on them. I can’t remember when I bought the Nine Trails jacket but I definitely know it’s not from this season. So why did I take it out and start using it?

This month is my city’s bike to work commute challenge. I joined a team at work and bought a new bike. I am now a commuter. It feels good but the first few weeks were a challenge as I got into a groove. Things you know from road cycling (which I’ve done for years), don’t necessarily apply to commuting. The mornings here are windy and a bit chilly, even though it evens out to the low 70’s by noon. Wearing a short sleeve shirt works later in the day but in the mornings, you are going to get goosebumps. I tried wearing sweaters and sweatshirts and they were too hot.  They don’t really breathe well and don’t wick moisture. They were also too thick.

Enter the Patagonia Nine Trails. The jacket is the lightest in their lineup at just 4.9 oz. It’s extremely packable and I would not hesistate to keep it in my handlebar bag at all times, just in case. The nylon exterior is treated with DWR which means it’s water resistant.  The neck is lined with a thin layer of a soft fabric so it doesn’t irritate you. The whole thing stuffs inside an inside chest pocket. Finally, the logo in front is reflective. I know this jacket wasn’t designed for the cyclist in mind but honestly, it’s perfect. It’d also be perfect for a trail or urban runner.


The sleeves are really slim and hug your wrist to make sure wind can’t get in. While this is mostly a plus, it also means I have to remove a watch before I put on or take off the jacket. Even sans watch and gloves, it’s a bit of a struggle to get the sleeves off. I am afraid with enough wear, the seams around the wrist will give.

It’s perfect for layering but keep in mind it’s a slim fit so if you plan on putting it over a sweatshirt (I would not advise it), size up one. I am glad I started cycling because otherwise I don’t think I would have ever pulled this from my closet. It has made it into my daily rotation and that’s not something many articles of clothing can say.

Check out all the photos in the slideshow below.